Welcome to the Softball Macarthur Coaches webpage dedicated to coaches and coaching.

Coaching information will be made available, targeted at all Macarthur coaches including local club and represenntative coaches.

If you would like any coaching support, please feel free to reach out for support.

Contact Information

Harrison Pudner
Director of Coaching

Coaching Events

Softball Macarthur is committed to offering courses and events for accreditation and skill development.  Information on new courses or sessions will be sent to coaches via email, Facebook and in our Newsletter.

Coaching Websites

Softball NSW Coaches 

Softball Australia - Coaching Webpage

Useful Links

Softball Terminology

Softball Rules - Download Ruleboo

Softball Australia Technical Bulletins

WBSC Approved Bat List (WBSC Website Documents)

Keeping Your Accreditation Up To Date

Keeping your accreditation up to date is important!   Click here to visit the Softball Australia Website that explains the process.

For more information on how to update your accreditation, click here.

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