Level 1 Introductory Umpire Program

Welcome to the Softball Australia Level 1 Introductory Umpire Program.

The Softball Australia Level 1 Introductory Umpire Program promotes umpire accreditation for people seeking to start umpiring and to achieve formal accreditation.

The program provides tools for new and/or not-yet-accredited umpires to learn and prepare to umpire at the club or affiliate level. The program will help and encourage umpires to develop their skills and to achieve Level 1 accreditation.

Most umpires start at local association level and umpire from junior through to senior competitions. As umpires gain skills and confidence, they can seek optional ongoing accreditation, which can lead to umpiring state, national and international games.

Umpires are like a team, and as such there will be umpires always willing to assist you to develop.  Through peer contact, online and practical training and mentoring by other umpires, prospective umpires will engage in learning some of the fundamentals and disciplines of umpiring. It is hoped that you will go back to your home association, inspired to continue to improve your umpiring.

Level 1 Requirements:

  • Umpire both plates and bases at a satisfactory basic level for a season, refer to the checklist below.
  • Pass the Basic Rules Assessment.
  • Complete Play By The Rules online training courses.
  • Sign the Umpires Code of Conduct.

The Level 1 manual offers important information including:

  1. Become an umpire
  2. Accreditation Tasks
  3. Rules Knowledge
  4. On Diamond Mechanics
  5. Signals
  6. Two Umpire Rotation System


Softball Australia Level 1 Introductory Participants Manual. April 2018 (PDF 7.1Mb)

– This is the Full Manual including the attachments with Forms and Checklists.

This manual is an updated version published February 2018. Manual

Attachment 1 – Code Of Conduct and Agreement Form (PDF 502kb) Attachment 1
Attachment 2 – Level 1 Competency Checklist (PDF 397kb) Attachment 2
Attachment 3 – NOAS and Level 1 Accreditation Application Form (PDF 414kb) Attachment 3

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