Other Forms

CDSA is moving toward having electronic forms that can be filled in online on a computer or mobile device, saved and or/emailed directly to the secretary. This will happen progressively over the next few seasons. The new online forms have (O) next to them.

Instructions for using online forms on an iPad or iPhone:

You must have Adobe Reader installed on your device.

1. Click the link on the website to access the form.

2. Tap the screen once to bring up the top menu and choose  open in "Adobe Reader"

3. Fill in the form and tap the screen once to bring up the top right menu

4. Tap the arrow inside a box icon and choose -mail document

5. In the pop up window, choose Share Flattened Copy

6. Email the document to secretary@cdsa.asn.au




General Forms:

Affiliation Form (2020/21)

Team Nomination Form (2020/21)

Club Contact Details form (2020/21)

Clubroom Booking Form (O)

Photographic Consent form

Representative Official Application form

Association Person of the Year nomination form

Honorary Life Member nomination form

Score Card



Permits, Clearances and Assessments:

CDSA Player Assessment form

CDSA Major Round Permit form


Umpiring Forms:

Umpires Report form

Notice of Protest form


Medical Forms:

Injury Report form

Medical Information form




Claim form


Tender Application forms:

Tender for Nets

Tender for Cleaning

Tender for Line Marking



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