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CDSA Constitution                          Current 03/08/2020

CDSA Zero Tolerance Policy          Current  25/09/2018

Bylaws                                         Current 01/11/2019

Softball Australia Hot Weather Guidelines  Current 12/2017

CDSA Hot Weather Policy    Current 10/2019

Softball Australia Member Protection Policy Current Version 9 Updated 11/2018

SAL eCommunication Policy(includes Social Media)  Current 12/2017

Working With Children Checks(DCSI) Current 16/7/2019


Junior Sports - Codes of Behaviour

Softball Australia Privacy Policy  Current 10/2018

Softball Australia Website Terms of Use Current 10/2018

CDSA Criteria for Selection - Representative Officials


SAL Pregnancy Guidelines Current 3/2017

SAL Concussion Policy Current 5/2019 

Concussion Assessment Tool Current 2019

Lightning Strikes Guidelines Current 2017


CDSA Food handling guidelines

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