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The 2018-2021 Official Playing Rules were adopted by the World Baseball and Softball Congress (WBSC) at its 2017 Rules congress. They have now been adopted for use in all Softball Australia competitions.

The Rules are available in two formats:

Electronic Rule Book

  • Purchase the 2018-2021 Rule Book (Fast Pitch and Modified Pitch) as a Google eBook online. The eBook is currently on sale for $4.95
    • If needed, the Google Play Books app can be installed to your smartphone/tablet, enabling you to view the eBook (with or without live internet):
  • The 2018-2021 Slow Pitch Rule Book is also available online. The Slow Pitch eBook is currently on sale for $3.95
  • Both versions are searchable by content and allow you to set up your own bookmarks

Printed Rule Book

  • Purchase a printed version through the Softball Australia Online Store for $15.00 (inclusive of GST and postage), or $12.00 for the Slow Pitch version.
2018-2021 Rules as a Google eBook


Points of Emphasis (POE) and Case Book


  • Points of Emphasis (POE): An updated version is NOW (June 2019) available online for viewing and download at a cost of $0.00. This easily readable and searchable 28-page resource is considered part of the Rule Book and is highly recommended.
  • Case Book: An updated version will be available soon.
2018-2021 Points Of Emphasis (POE) as a PDF

Technical Bulletins

  • Read the latest Technical Bulletins including Certified Bats, Rules Assessments, Umpiring Certifications, Rule Changes and Points of Emphasis/Clarification. Important softball issues for coaches, umpires, players and parents.
  • Link:


Softball Rules in Pictures app

The first Softball Australia smart phone application, Rules in Pictures, is available for Android and iOS devices.

Get it on Google PlayGet it at the App Store

The Softball Australia Rules in Pictures updated February 2017 is for the softball player, coach, umpire, parent and teacher. It is also a helpful refresher course for the veteran softballer.



The simple illustrations with captions, and an index guiding the reader to the Official Rules in Softball, provide a quick introduction to learning the rules of softball.

This online application gives greater accessibility to the user. You can download to your phone and carry it with you at the field. Whether you are playing, coaching a training session, or taking a course, this application is right at your fingertips!

Where can I get the app?

The app is available on the Google Play store or at the iTunes App Store (click on the images above)

The app is available for $4.95 on Android and $5.49 on iOS (iPhones, iPads).


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