Umpiring Accreditation


The National Officiating Accreditation Scheme (NOAS) was established in 1994 to assist national sporting organisations develop a group of skilled officials. It aims to develop and implement programs that improve the quality, quantity, leadership and status of sports officiating in Australia.

NOAS training programs include the following components:

  • General principles – fundamentals of officiating and event management
  • Sport-specific – technical rules, interpretations, reporting and sport-specific roles for officials
  • Officiating practice – practical officiating and application of officiating principles.

The Softball Australian National Umpire Program and Accreditation system ensures that Softball umpires are recognised by NOAS. Accreditation means an individual is deemed as competent in the on-diamond aspects of umpiring (such as mechanics, rotations, strike zone, safety management etc.) and rules knowledge (as tested by a rules exam), to officiate an appropriate game. Expected competencies increase in line with the standard of game, as does the required rule knowledge.


There are 8 levels in the Australian umpiring accreditation system:

  • Level 1: Is awarded when a rules assessment theory pass mark has been attained, successful completion of the two modules in the “Play By The Rules” free online training course* and a basic understanding for umpire mechanics has been demonstrated. This is covered by the Softball Australia Level 1 Introductory Umpire Program and does not require the formal practical assessment to be undertaken, only an on-diamond check of your Umpiring skills by a softball official at your association.
  • Levels 2-4: Involves passing a theory based exam and a practical assessment at either local or state competitions/tournaments.
  • Levels 5-6: Involves passing a theory based exam and a practical assessment at national tournaments.
  • Levels 7-8: Recognition accreditations and are awarded by the Softball Australia National Umpiring Program (Softball Australia NUP).

* First time registration for Play By The Rules online training is required.

Click here to view the experience and pass marks required for each level.

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