Forms for senior player registration


Do not use these forms if you do not have a team to join, this is not a wait list to join a team.

Join the Willetton Basketball Senior Competitions on Facebook if you are looking to join a team


If you are registering to join a team continue below.


  • Have your credit card ready to make a payment.
  • Have your phone with email access ready to confirm registration if registering for the first time.


  • New permanent player registration form (includes $35 registration fee for 12 months)
  • This form is also for players currently registered at other associations and want to play or fill in at Willetton, the $35 fee will not appear on the form if you are registered already.


If you have your teams TEAM CODE use this form below


  • One game fill in registration form for players not registered anywhere. (includes $5 registration fee for one game)
  • This is for 1 game only, if you wish to play several games it is worthwhile using the $35 registraion form above.