Policies, procedures and forms

The Willetton Way

This code of conduct governs the conduct of everyone involved in WBA. Members are expected to sign to this code when they sign up to take part in our competitions and events.

CCTV Policy

Hot Weather Policy

Inclusion Policy

Nominating a Life Member Policy

Player Insurance

Players correctly registered annually through Basketball WA (via the BWA levy) can access insurance through Basketball Australia. More information here: http://www.vinsurancegroup.com/basketball

Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy

WABL Cap Policy

The below dates show the WABL season that is included in the domestic competition for the coming seasons.

2020 WABL season is in effect for 2020/21 Summer and 2021 Winter domestic competition.
2021 WABL season is in effect for 2021/22 Summer and 2022 Winter domestic competition.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Parent Declaration Form

Photo Permission Form

Concerns and Complaints- Child Safety

Implementing the National Child Safety Principles

Procedures for Complaint Form