Senior Competition Information

Our Senior competitions are run for all ages for both males and females.

Competitions are played between individually nominated teams

Monday-Thursday nights. 









*Men Div 1

Men Div 2

Men Div 3

Men Div 4









*Women 23s

(23 yrs and under)

Women Div 1 

Women Div 2


 *Men 23s

(23 yrs and under)






*Men Div 1

Men Div 2

Men Div 3 

Men Div 4 





Men Vets 1

Men Vets 2

Men Vets 3

(Vets 35 and over)

Men 45+


 Men Open




    • Nomination fee is non refundable
    • Full amount will be refunded if your team cannot be placed.
    • Registration fee refunded if you pull out before the fixtures are drawn.
    • NO refund if you pull out after the season has started.

  • Nomination and Registraion fee is $300 per a 2 term season when you nominate your team. 
  • Game fees are $66 per team, per game.
  • All players are required to pay the $35 BWA affiliation fee when registering at any BWA affilaited club, this fee is valid for 12 months and paid only once during that time and covers all other BWA affiliated venues.  This fee is paid directly to BWA on your registration form.
  • Game forfeit fees apply, see bylaws for details

Seasons run Winter and Summer, with nominations for the coming seasons opening in February and August each year. The best way to get involved in our seniors competition is to get a group of friends together and nominate a whole team. 


 If you're looking for new players, looking for a fill in or are wanting to join a team please join our Facebook page, this will give everyone access to finding players and teams.





Winter 2021 registrations are closed


Summer 2021/22 Season registrations will open mid August

2021/22 Summer Senior Mens Team Registration (Monday)

2021/22 Summer Senior Team Registration Tuesday 23s

*Div 1 2021/22 Summer discounts apply

2021/22 Summer Senior Womens Team Registration (Tuesday)

2021/22 Summer Div 1 Mon and Wed Mens Senior Team Registration

*Div 1 2021/22 Summer discounts apply

2021/22 Summer Senior Team Registration (Wednesday)

2021/22 Summer Senior Mens Team Registration (Thursday




All our players in both Junior and Senior competitions are expected to abide by the Willetton Code of Conduct, the Willetton Way. You can find the Code here.

Please ensure you are up to date with our seniors by-laws which inlcudes interpretation of rules, forfeit inforamtion and fines, finals eligibilty and more.  The senior by-laws are can be found here


For more information contact Olivia at the stadium

9310 3388 or email