How can my child play basketball in a competition?

The junior basketball season is played year round during school terms. 

The table below outlines the different ways you can enter the Junior Competition:

I am a player and would like to join any team

Sign up on our waiting list (Join a junior team menu)

I am a player and would like to join a specific existing team (with my friends)

Contact the Club directly (not just the coach). See the website home page for club links.

We are a team who would like to join the competition

Call our Competitions Manager on 9310 3388

We are a Club with multiple teams who would like to join the competition

Call our Competitions Manager on 9310 3388

What happens once I’ve registered to join a team?

Our Competitions Manager manages the list of players wanting to join teams. There are two ways that players are put into teams:

  • Clubs require a new player to join one of their existing teams and contact the Competitions Coordinator. WBA does all we can to get children into teams, but there can be lengthy waits due to a lack of available court space in which to schedule games, or a lack of parents available to volunteer to coach the team.
  • The Competitions Manager creates entirely new teams from the children who have registered to join a team. As our under 8s and 10s teams are re-graded every 6 weeks, there are more opportunities to place children in these age groups mid-season.

In some instances new teams do join the competition mid-season, however this depends on court availability and other factors.

PLEASE NOTE: Coaches of teams are volunteers (usually a parent).  Our clubs are run by volunteers.  In many instances our clubs (Apollos, Bullets, Jets, Roadies, Puma, Tangos and Sparks) will email or call player contact numbers ONLY ONCE as time is short and their resources are stretched.  If the email or call is not returned they will assume the player is no longer interested and the name is removed from the waiting list.  


Are there other ways my child can learn to play?

Skills sessions run most afternoons at the stadium at 3.40pm for children under 13 years of age:

for 5-6 year olds on Monday afternoons,

7-9 year olds on Wednesdays,

9 and over on Thursdays.

No need to book, just attend and pay the fee - sessions are on court 4.

How does the Junior Domestic Competition work?

8 basketball clubs play in the competition that is administered by Willetton Basketball Association.

Each team must belong to one of our Junior Domestic Clubs. The Junior Domestic Competition consists of 8 clubs. These clubs are affiliated members of WBA under their and WBA's constitutions,. work closely with Willetton Basketball Association, however they are incorporated assocaitions in their own right and operate independently.

The current clubs are Apollos, Bullets, Jets, Puma, Roadies, Tangos, All Saints College and Sparks. Club details and contacts are on our website. Our clubs are run by volunteers, so please let them know if you have some time to assist: more hands make lighter work for everyone.

Our competition runs year-round, aligned with school terms. Our Summer season is school terms 4 and 1, and our Winter season is school terms 2 and 3. Games are played on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The majority of younger grades are played on Saturdays. Although we have games on each of these days, when you are in a particular grade you will only play on one of those days each week.

Our competitions are strictly aged based: Under 8s, Under 10s, Under 12s, Under 14s, Under 16s and Under 18s, with different grades in each. Some age groups have two grades, and others as many as five grades. A large number of teams gives us a better chance to have teams playing against other teams of similar ability, although there will always be discrepancies in ability and player size through each grade, especially 14s and 16s.

Our competitions are played across two venues, Willetton Basketball Stadium, and Striker Leeming (and sometimes Kennedy Baptist College). 

All teams are coached by volunteer coaches, who in many cases are parents of one of the children in the team. If you are willing to learn how to coach please let your club know, they are always looking for new coaches, and the Association and clubs will assist you by organising training courses for new coaches.

Team results and ladders are published on our website www.willettontigers.com.au under the junior fixtures/results tab.

As a community sport, teams and clubs are fuelled by volunteers and ALL parents are expected to be involved in some way. Please ask your club how you can help.

Can I start a new club?

It may be possible - please contact the Competitions Manager on 9310 3388 to discuss the options. 

Can I nominate my own team in the junior domestic competition?

No, all teams must belong to one of our clubs. However, if you call our office on 9310 3388 and speak to our Competitions Manager they might be able to allocate you to an existing club, however our capacity to place more teams into the competition is limited.

Do I need to play in any kind of uniform?

All competition players are required to wear the Willetton black playing shorts. These are available through the stadium office.  Junior Domestic Clubs provide singlets to their teams, with some requiring purchase of uniform.

How do I know when and where I am playing my game?

At the beginning of the season your Junior Domestic Club will tell you what team you are in. Once you know your team’s name you can access the season’s fixtures via our website, or using the GameDay app. It is strongly recommended you check the website each week to ensure accuracy of your fixture sometimes they change. The website and GameDay app will always reflect the most up-to-date game information www.willettontigers.com.au  under the fixtures/results menu in the QuickLinks tab.

Where can my team train?

Approximately 449 teams play in the Junior Domestic Competition and the Willetton Basketball Stadium does not have the capacity to accommodate both training and competition games for that number of teams. Training courts are hired to the Association from various venues in and around the local area but there is a limit to how many courts can be sourced locally on a block-booking basis.  Clubs and teams source courts in addition to those hired by the Association. We are always looking for additional training venues to support our competition. Jeff Anderson coordinates the training venues for the clubs, and should be contacted with any queries regarding this during business hours on 9310 3388. If you belong to a school in the nearby area which would be willing for teams to hire their courts to train please let your club or the stadium know!

How can children transfer to another junior domestic club?

There can be many reasons for a transfer request, however transfers can jeopardise the existence of a team, so clubs may not always permit a transfer, particularly mid season. Whatever the reason we encourage everyone to try and resolve issues with your club in the first instance but there is a transfer form on the website. If you are a Representative player (WABL or equivalent as defined in the by-laws) you may not necessarily be able to choose the team you want to move into. We are committed to ensuring we have a balanced competition.

Team grading is too high or too low what should I do?

If you believe your team is in the wrong grade take the matter up with the coach who can discuss the issue with your club. The Under 8s and 10s are re-graded every 6 weeks, but other competitions are not. In exceptional cases some other grades can be re-graded early in a season, however changes to fixtures come at a cost, and can result in fixtures becoming unbalanced. Many factors are taken into consideration when a regrade is requested and if the outcome is too disruptive to a competition the regrade shall not be granted. (i.e. lack of court space to accomadate a new team in a competition, unbalanced number of teams to make up a competition etc).

Referee Complaints

There is a Referee Supervisor on duty at every competition venue. Please refer the matter to the Referee Supervisor when it happens. If you are still concerned please document in writing and email your concerns to refereecommittee@willettontigers.com.au

As a community sport, teams and clubs are fuelled by volunteers and ALL parents are expected to be involved in some way. Please ask your club how you can help.

 How can I become a coach?

If you know how to sub in and out, you can be a coach!  Contact your Junior Domestic Club and ask what needs to happen for you to coach a team: Willetton Basketball Association Inc runs regular coaching clinics, as does Basketball WA.  


All Junior Domestic Clubs operate as a club (non-school clubs are incorporated entities).  Each club has their own fee structure based on the costs of that club.  As of 2019 once a year BWA will charge a BWA fee to cover the national insurance and affiliation fees with Basketball Australia. Once you join one of the clubs and are registered to play you automatically become a playing member of Willetton Basketball Association Inc. 

These costs are charged at the start of each season.

What is included in my domestic club fees?

As clubs are independent, it will vary slightly from club to club. The majority of most players' fees are passed on to the Association, with the remainder kept by your Junior Domestic Club.

The Association portion covers game court hire, referee costs, competitions admin and staff expenses as well as to maintain and operate the stadium (e.g. electricity, scoreboards, basketballs, etc).

For a full understanding of club fees, please contact your club; typically fees cover uniform hire and depreciation, basketballs, training court hire, trophies, etc.

WABL (WA Basketball League) Inter-Association Junior Competition. ie STATE JUNIOR COMPETITION.  What's it all about?  WABL explained

Domestic players try out each year to represent WBA at State Level against other associations in the WABL competition which runs from May to September each year. 

We have just moved to the area and want our children to play at WABL level for Willetton Basketball Association Inc. What needs to happen to do this?

To be eligible to try out for WABL,  you must play in the Junior Domestic Competition, for at least the previous 6 months. If you have missed training and tryouts (first few months of the year) you will need to discuss your situation with the WABL administrator: ring the Stadium on 9310 3388 for contact details or refer to www.willettontigers.com.au under contact details. (More general WABL info here)

Why do children have to play in the junior domestic competition?

It is a requirement of our club. The main objective is to ensure we have a strong domestic competition and a pathway through to higher levels of the sport at our/your club.

Can anyone try out for the WABL or are teams already selected?

There is an annual process where anyone can try out for selection. Watch our website: www.willettontigers.com.au  under the WABL tab for the training and tryouts schedule for your age group.  WABL announcements also come through our FaceBook page

How can I apply to coach a WABL team?

There is an annual process where we invite coaching applications for all teams, usually in September/October of the preceding year - watch our website and FaceBook page.  

How do I get a transfer to another WABL Club (Association)?

Submit an application (downloadable from the Basketball WA WABL website) to the WABL Administrator.  The process is guided by Basketball WA.  

How long does the transfer application take and what is the process?

Depending on the circumstances the process can take one to three weeks to complete.

The process begins with the application and is reviewed and then sent to Basketball WA who then coordinates with both clubs involved.

(More general WABL info here)



WABL fees are approximately $400 per year. In addition, In addition, Tigers uniforms must be purchased (at minimum approx $165) and all WABL players are required to assist with the club's fundraising efforts

Why do we have to pay to represent Willetton Basketball Association Inc?

The costs involved with WABL are not insignificant (see below).

Why does it cost so much?

WABL teams train on a full court for an hour and a half at minimum once a week. The majority of WABL fees pay for the cost of training court hire. In addition we have to pay annual fees to Basketball WA to run the WABL competition, referees must be paid and trained, WBA provides playing tops etc which require replacement over time. WBA inc also pays for development courses for scorebench officals, coaches and referees.  Costs are in line with most sports at the elite level (some sports are significantly more).

Why do we fundraise?

Funds raised go towards keeping the fees of WABL at the lower end of WA's fee range. In addition, each year, funds are contributed to major capital instalments that benefit all of the WBA community (such as the installation of two extra basketball training rings on court 4, water fountains, ice machine).


SBL (State Basketball League) Inter-Association Senior Competition ie. STATE SENIOR COMPETITION

How do I try out for SBL?

There is an annual process where anyone can try out for selection, which usually begins the end of the year or the January of the SBL year. You may contact the office or SBL head coach/es directly.

How do I get a transfer to another SBL Club (Association)?

You should have discussions with the SBL head coach/es, and also advise the SBL administrator.  Basketball WA can guide the player through the process. 


How can I play basketball?

Senior seasons run October – April (Summer) and April – October (Winter).   Senior competitions run on week nights. The easiest way to play is to nominate a full team for one of the senior game nights.   Nominations are available our website about 2 months before the next season opens.  Teams will be added to the competition on a “first-paid” basis.  If you are a single person wishing to join a team, you can come down on one of the nights the teams are playing and see if any teams are short a player and join in.  See www.willettontigers.com.au  under the senior fixtures/results tab for when teams of your gender and standard would be playing. 

There is also a Willetton Seniors Social facebook page to help teammates find each other. FACEBOOK

We also run a social ladies’ basketball competition on Tuesday mornings.  Please ring Jeff Anderson at the stadium 9310 3388 for more information regarding this.

What nights is senior basketball played?

Various Men’s leagues play Monday through Thursday night, Women’s’ games are on Tuesday nights and Vet men (over 35+) are on Thursday nights.

How do I know when and where I am playing my game?

Teams and players need to use our website or the GameDay app by Sportstg for their season’s fixtures. It is strongly recommended you check each week to ensure accuracy of your fixture – sometimes they change. The app and website will always reflect the most up-to-date game - see www.willettontigers.com.au  under the fixtures/results tab.


Refer to team nomination forms and www.willettontigers.com.au

There are four components to fees:

  • one annual fee to Basketball WA for each player in a team
  • a team nomination fee that is required for your nomination to be accepted;
  • a team registration fee; and
  • team game fee each time you play.

These fees cover the court hire charge for games, referee and staff expenses, and player registration and expenses to maintain and operate the stadium (e.g. electricity, scoreboards, basketballs, bibs, etc).

FORFEITS - What is a forfeit, and why am I being FINED? 

In the event that a team is unable to make their game, ideally the stadium must be informed a minimum of 24 hours in advance, so that the other team can be notified as well as referee schedules reshuffled. Senior teams are charged a single game forfeit fine for a notified forfeit (any time before 5pm on gameday) and an unnotified forfeit (after 5pm) is a double fee.

Forfeits are demotivating to the other teams in the competition. Too many forfeits destroy a competition, and a fine is designed to prevent teams from forfeiting.  Forfeit fines also cover the costs of court hire and referee payments, particularly in the case of late or no notice.  

Please note that senior teams can play with four players.

Are there activities on at the stadium during school holidays?

Yes. The stadium runs an activities camp every school holidays, incorporating basketball and other indoor sports. The stadium also sometimes runs coaching courses or basketball academies during various school holidays.


The stadium runs fun holiday camps every school holiday, with an occasional camp before Christmas if school ends early enough.  The first week is for 5-9 year olds and the second camp is for 9-13 year olds (although sometimes older siblings can attend).  The camp’s structure is loosely based on basketball, although there is also badminton, tee-ball and indoor soccer, in addition to other indoor sports.  These camps are well attended and well supervised, with an approximate camper to coach ratio of 1:10.  On the final day of camp, kids go to see a movie at Hoyts Southlands, supervised by their coaches. 

How do I book my child in for the school holiday camp?

Online Registration forms can be accessed via the website (Junior Holiday Camps menu bar). Payment are made when booking online.  Places are reserved on a “paid-only” basis.  We encourage children to let us know if there is a friend whose team they wish to be in, on the proviso that teams consist of same/similar-age children. We are not registered for rebates through Centrelink.

What other activities are available at the stadium?

Badminton runs most mornings outside of school holidays.  Casual Shooting is available some weekdays during school terms until 3.40pm. The Stadium also runs end of year school excursions, and hosts basketball tournaments and can facilitate work sports functions. When possible we seek to accommodate other activities in our community.

Casual Shooting, Badminton and Hire of Stadium for Carnivals / Events

Casual shooting – during the day until 3.30pm courts are occasionally available to casual shooters.  Each player must pay to play.  Players may bring their own balls, but can also borrow a stadium ball.  It is advisable to check our calendar to find out if there are any courts available.

Social badminton is played most week mornings, late Saturday nights and on Sundays. 

The stadium is occasionally available for use as a venue for sports carnivals or matches.  Please contact Jeff Anderson on 9310 3388 during business hours if you wish to discuss this.


In addition to Willetton black playing shorts other merchandise is available for sale through reception at the stadium.

Where do I find Willetton Basketball CODE OF CONDUCT and POLICIES?

You will find these documents on our website under the "About us" menu         

What level of INSURANCE COVER do we have?

Basketball WA Insurance covers players, and any volunteers engaged in coaching or games for a basic level of personal accident insurance, as well as public liability insurance.  Any and all injuries incurred playing basketball need to be supported by an injury report form, which also requires an authorised person from Willetton Basketball Association Inc to confirm the accident has happened in the course of playing or training.

Willetton Basketball Association Inc Insurance covers non basketball activities and / or public liability for the Willetton Basketball Stadium.


All sporting clubs depend on volunteers to build a successful club and competition. We always encourage anyone to volunteer. There are many opportunities to ‘step up’ and make a difference.

Committees usually consist of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and normal members, often including a Registrar. 

Main volunteer areas:

  • Within domestic clubs
  • Competitions Advisory Committe
  • High Performance Advisory Committee
  • Referee Working Group
  • Junior Competition Working Group (Junior Clubs committee to share knowledge and assist with grading and nominations into the competition)
  • Events and Volunteer Working Group

Work involved in these committees covers such aspects as:

  • Referees (by laws, training programs, rostering, etc)
  • Events management, sponsors, bar

To be involved, call our office on 9310 3388 or email mailto:admin@willettontigers.com.au


Do Not forget that our Junior Domestic Clubs need volunteers also to ensure smooth operations on and off the courts and to continue as a Junior Domestic Club.