Protection Policy and Code of Conduct

Minnow Sailing Association Victoria 

Adoption of YA member protection policy 

Why does the MSA require this policy?

  • State clearly the expected behaviour for every level of participation in Minnow sailing.
  • This document will provide a point of reference to teach our developing sailors good sportsmanship.
  • By adopting and communicating this policy we are stating our values and association’s good governance.

Why the YA Member Protection Policy? (MPP)

  • As a YA affiliated association we are encouraged to adopt this policy.
  • Adoption of this policy affords us YA assistance to manage issues that are complicated or inappropriate to manage at the local level.

Our approach

  • A link to the entire YA MPP policy can be found on the MSA website.
  • Competitors and guardians will agree to abide by the Code of Conduct (CoC) at membership renewal.
  • Competitors and guardian agree to CoC on Trybooking for all MSAV regattas.
  • Committee member can accept feedback and initiate action on potential breaches of MPP.
  • Informal management through mediation may be dealt with by MSA.
  • Informal management to involve three committee members.
  • Serious breach of the MPP will be referred to YA for advice/management.

Link to YA MPP document


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