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Our association has worked hard over a couple of years to make or source price competitive options for Minnow accessories and fittings; from boom end plugs, foils, boat covers and even to a complete fibreglass boat. If you would like to purchase any of these, or just ask about them, please email us at .

Price List

Item Photo Price
The official supplier of Minnow masts and booms is Keeley Marine in Moorabbin. Contact them directly on 03 9555 4622.    
Centerboard (Fibreglass) $375
Rudder blade (Fibreglass)   $275 
Rudder box (Aluminum)   $195 
Mast up boat cover    $430 
Stainless Steel Trolley   $350
Foil cover carry bag   $125
Toe Straps - set of 2   $40
Mast and Boom end plugs  
$150 for set of 4



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