1. Rules.

The official rules as adopted by the English Basketball Association shall apply. The additional rules as set out below shall apply to all competitions organised by the East Kent Basketball Association (except Mapleshire Rose Bowl).


(a) All properly constituted clubs in the East Kent area are eligible to affiliate to the East Kent Basketball Association (hereinafter called the Association). The acceptance of clubs outside this area shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. (Herein after called the Exec. Committee)

(b) All clubs affiliated to the Association are eligible to enter teams in various leagues.

(c) All clubs affiliated to the Association are eligible to enter teams in the Adrian Cook Memorial Cup and such other competitions that the Association may from time to time organise. Ladies teams may enter the Grove Cup.

3. Club Registration.

(a) The closing date for application to join the League shall be August 1st each year. A valid application shall consist of the following:
   (i) Secretary's name, address, phone contact and e mail.
  (ii) Home court address. Courts shall be either full size or approved by the Exec. Committee.
 (iii) Playing night and time.
  (iv) Team playing colours.
   (v) A nominated active and qualified referee for each team ( Active to be 7+ games) at the discretion of the Executive committee)
  (vi) Correct entrance fee. The fee will be decided annually by the Exec. Committee and must be included with the league entry forms.
 (vii) Vacation dates (applicable to college, university and army teams only). University and College teams to supply full details of any external fixtures, such as BUCS competition to the Fixture Secretary.

If details in respect of (ii) and (iv) are not available at the time the application is made, it shall be the responsibility of the club to inform all other clubs in the Association prior to fixtures commencing.

PENALTY: The Exec. Committee are not bound to accept any incomplete or invalid registration

(b) New clubs or teams wishing to enter the League are normally required to start in the lowest division but may be considered by the Exec. Committee for vacancies in the higher divisions.

(c) Late entries may be accepted after this date but will be treated as a new club or team and may be placed in a suitable division where space permits at the sole discretion of the Exec.Committee.

(d) The Executive committee will have the power to withdraw/suspend a team from EKBA competitions if they do not provide ‘active qualified referees’ for the league during the course of the season. Teams may also be banned from entering the league the following season at the discretion of the Executive committee.
4. National Affiliation

(a) Club affiliation. To take part in any Competition (including the Mapleshire Rose Bowl) organised by the Association, a club must hold a current affiliation with the English Basketball Association. The organiser of each event shall be provided with proof of this, and any re-affiliation which becomes due during the course of the competition.

PENALTY: Match awarded 20-0 to the non-offending team and a fine of £50.00p levied on the offending team.

The offending team shall be suspended with immediate effect until proof of affiliation is provided.

(b) Individual affiliations.

   (i) Each participant (player, coach or referee) will affiliate with the English Basketball Association and be in possession of a valid East Kent membership card before being involved in any game under the aegis of the Association.

PENALTY: Match awarded to the non-offending team and a fine of £10.00p levied on the offending team.

  (ii) Each participant's East Kent affiliation number must be entered on every score sheet.

  (iii) Any player registered via another Association, National League or BUCS must supply the EKBA Registration Secretary with proof of a valid registration number.

PENALTY: £1.00p Fine for each missing affiliation number.

N.B: All individual application forms with monies shall be sent to the East Kent Registration Secretary (not direct to BE)

5. Player Eligibility

(a) Cup fixtures throughout a competition: a club may only use players that have played for that club, prior to 31st January each year. (This does not apply to the Ladies Cup competition or Men’s Plate) A player having his/her name entered on a score sheet is cup-tied. A player of a club with more than one team may only play for one team and may not move between Cup and Plate.

PENALTY: Match awarded to non-offending team.

(b) League fixtures: for the purpose of this Rule 'teams' is defined as those participating in the same competition; either men’s or ladies league.
   (i) No player shall play for more than one club in the Association in the current season unless permanent transfer has been approved by the Exec. Committee.

PENALTY: Game forfeited by second club.

  (ii) A lady involved with a club without a ladies team may play for a ladies team in another club, subject to the approval of the Exec.Committee.

PENALTY: Game forfeited by second club.

 (iii) Clubs with 2 or more teams shall nominate to the appropriate Fixture Secretary before the first competition match, the first 5 players in their 'A' team.

PENALTY:           £5.00p fine for every week nominations are delayed.

  (iv) These players shall be regular members of the 'A' team and shall not be eligible to play in other teams in the club. In the event of a first 5 player ceasing to play regularly for whatever reason the Fixture Secretary shall be informed within 7 days and a replacement notified. A player shall be deemed to not be playing regularly if: he fails to play in three or more consecutive matches and/or he plays in less than 50% of the team's matches.

PENALTY: Game forfeited by lower team(s).

(c) In clubs with three or more teams players other than the first 5 may represent only 2 of the clubs teams during the season. Except a player may represent a higher team on up to three occasions; there after they may no longer represent the lowest team.

PENALTY: Game forfeited by lower team(s).

6. League Formation.

(a) Administration. The league shall be administered by the league Fixtures Secretary(s). The playing season shall be from October 1st until May 31st (at the discretion of the Exec. Committee)

(b) Divisions. The league may have up to 14 teams in one division. The Executive Committee shall approve the number of teams in a division or divisions and also its composition after discussion at the Annual General Meeting. This does not apply to the Ladies League.

(c) Promotion/Relegation.

   (i) 2 points shall be awarded for a win or a walk over and 1 point for the losing team where the match has been played.

  (ii) The position of teams within divisions of the League shall be decided by the total of their league points. In the event of a tie for any position, the aggregate score of the match between the teams concerned shall decide. The team with the highest score will take the higher position.

 (iii) The top team in each division shall be promoted and the lowest two relegated. The second placed team in a division shall also be promoted, but, unless (v) below applies, may opt to remain in the lower division if another team in that division wishes to be promoted.

  (iv) If a division still has a vacancy then the next placed team in the lower division shall also be promoted and so on unless it be decided by the Exec. Committee that another team should fill the vacancy.

   (v) Clubs which are disqualified, withdrawn or complete less than 50% of their fixtures shall have their record erased from the League table and shall be considered as being one of that divisions relegated teams.

7. Cup Formation.

(a) The competitions shall be administered by the Cup Fixtures Secretary. An entry fee per team will be charged.

(b) The Draw.
   (i) The draw for all fixtures will be made before three members of the Exec.Committee.
  (ii) The previous years finalists in the 'Adrian Cook' Cup shall be seeded up to and including the quarter finals. A fresh draw shall be made for each round.
 (iii) All teams entered for the 'Adrian Cook' Cup which are eliminated from the competition before the third round (last eight) are eligible for the Adams Plate Competition and will automatically be entered into the draw. New teams which had not entered the 'Adrian Cook' Cup shall be invited to take part on payment of the appropriate fee. A fresh draw shall be made for each round.

(c) Finals (all competitions) A full size court will be chosen and booked at the beginning of the season. Officials for these matches are the responsibility of the Association. All teams shall provide alternative strips.

(d) A final shall be played in every competition. If a team is unable to play in a final then the team defeated by that team in the semi-final shall be invited to fill the vacancy.

8. Fixtures. (League & Cup)

(a) Except as at (b) below matches shall be played on the day and at the time scheduled in the published fixture list.

NB: If a team has a league and a cup match scheduled for the same day, the cup match will take precedence. A team may seek a postponement in accordance with

(b) below if a league match falls on the day of an East Kent organised tournament which they intend to participate in.

PENALTY: Where no penalty exists under other rules the offending team shall be penalised at the discretion of the Exec. Committee.

(b) Postponements will only be allowed in the following circumstances and then only with the prior permission of the Fixture Secretary. Notification of the new date is to be made to the Fixture Secretary within 14 days.
   (i) Adverse weather conditions.
  (ii) University or College vacation.
 (iii) Non availability of home court in circumstances beyond the control of the home team.

PENALTY: Defaulting team(s) liable to a fine not exceeding £5.00p for first offence.

(c) Fixtures which have been brought to the notice of the Discipline and Disputes Sub-Committee by way of dispute shall be decided in accordance with the decision of the Sub-Committee.

PENALTY: Defaulting team(s) shall be penalised at the discretion of the Exec.Committee.

(d) Exceptional circumstances may be considered at the discretion of the Exec.Committee.

(e) The home team shall advise the Fixture Secretary of the result by forwarding the white copy of the official score sheet within 48 hours of the match, and it must arrive within 7 days of the match. The Fixture Secretary must also be advised of the result within 24 hours of the match via any multi-media application.

PENALTY: £5.00p fine if not received within 7 days.

9. Duties of HOME TEAM

(a) The first name team on the fixture list is the home team and is responsible for providing
   (i) The scorer, an official BE score sheet, foul markers and an alternating possession arrow.
  (ii) The time keeper, an adequate sounding device and time clock showing minutes and seconds.
 (iii) A clearly visible score board manual or electronic and a first aid kit should also be provided.

All matches shall have one qualified table official except new teams in their first year.

PENALTY: The match shall be played. If either team feels aggrieved they shall sign the score sheet “under-protest” before the game starts. A £5.00p fine will be imposed at the discretion of the Exec. Committee.

(b) The home team must arrive at their court and for the time published in the fixture list.

PENALTY: Fine £10.00p. The match shall be awarded to the non-offending team and the defaulting team shall pay reasonable expenses.

(c) The home secretary must confirm match details with both officials at least 7 days and no more than 28 days in advance.

PENALTY: For failing to confirm within the time limits a fine of £5.00p will be imposed.

(d) Should it become necessary to change an appointed official the League or Official’s Secretary must agree to the change.

PENALTY: The match shall be played. If either team feels aggrieved they shall sign the score sheet “under-protest” before the game starts.

10. Duties of AWAY TEAM

(a) The visiting team must arrive at the home team's venue on the day and for the time scheduled in the published fixture list. (There is no necessity for games to be confirmed).

PENALTY: Fine £10.00p. The match shall be awarded to the non-offending team and the defaulting team shall pay reasonable expenses.

(b) The visiting team may provide a table chairman or timekeeper and shall change colours if a clash occurs.

11. Officials

(a) The referee shall be the senior qualified official and be responsible for ensuring that all participants in the match have a valid affiliation. When qualifications are equal he shall be the visitors' official. Both floor officials shall be BE. qualified or approved by the Exec. Committee and listed in the Association Handbook as amended.

N.B: In the event of only one official being in attendance the match will be played ‘at the discretion of the referee’. A sole referee may have the right to not referee alone or to abandon the game should the need arise. If either team is in dispute the procedure as at rule 12 will be followed.

(b) Officials eligible to officiate EKBA games shall be approved by the Officials' Secretary and listed in the handbook as amended.

(c) Floor Officials shall be paid the nationally agreed fee appropriate to their level before the match starts:
Level 4: £14.00p, Level 3: £13.00p, Level 2: £12.00p; plus reasonable travelling expenses that shall be determined at the Pre-season meeting. (35p per mile from Sept’13).If a referee referees a game alone they may claim 150% of their fee. A ‘referee’s expenses form’ will be presented to teams before matches showing the total amount a referee should be paid.

(d) Table Officials must be paid before the match starts, the following expenses:
Grade 2: £6.00p, Grade 3: £5.00p; plus reasonable travel expenses, which shall be 35p per mile.(Sept’ 2013)

   (i) Neutral officials shall be appointed by the League or Officials' Secretary. When a postponement is authorised it will be the responsibility of the

team requesting the postponement to cancel the officials and inform them of the new date.
  (ii) If either official is unable to officiate it is the responsibility of the team for which he is nominated to find a replacement.
If the official is “unattached” it is the responsibility of the HOME team to find a replacement. Such an official will be clearly marked (U) in the fixture list.

PENALTY: For failing to provide a qualified floor official an automatic fine in the following scale unless a satisfactory explanation is given:

                        1st offence        £10.00p             2nd and subsequent offence        £15.00p

(f) Each team shall pay 50% of the aggregate expenses of the referee and the umpire.

PENALTY: Team suspended until expenses paid and fine not exceeding £5.00p for first offence.

(g) When only one qualified floor official is in attendance he will indicate on the scoresheet which team has failed to provide an official.


(a) Disputes refer to all matters where a match has taken place and the scoresheet has been signed “under-protest”

(b) If during the match a team considers its interests have been harmed by any incident, it will adopt the following procedure: "At the moment the incident takes place, the ball is dead and the clock stopped or at the first time out the Captain or Coach of the team shall make his observations to the referee in a calm and courteous manner. If at the end of the match the team considers itself to be harmed as a result of what happened the Captain or Coach should sign the scoresheet “under-protest”

(c) All disputes shall be made to the League Secretary by an e mail or letter posted/sent within 48 hours of the match. The letter/e mail which must be dated, must also clearly state that copies have been sent to the opposing team and to both officials. Any response from the opposing team shall similarly be copied to all parties and posted/sent to the League Secretary within one week of the date on the initial letter. Any response from the referee or umpire shall be sent to the League Secretary, who shall arrange distribution. A fee of £5.00p shall accompany all disputes which will automatically be returned if the dispute is upheld.

N.B: Action shall be taken having regard to only written/electronic matter copied as directed and posted/sent within the prescribed time limits to the League Secretary. All disputes will be placed before the Discipline and Disputes Sub-Committee.

(d) Appeals shall be made to the Exec. Committee by notification in writing or by e mail to the League Secretary postmarked within seven days of the receipt of a fine or notice of the sub-committee decision. A deposit of £10.00p must accompany the appeal: which shall be refunded if the appeal is upheld. The appeal must set out the grounds and indicate whether a personal hearing is requested. The chairman or such person so elected, if the chairman or his club be involved, shall conduct any appeal and his decision on its format shall be final.

13. Fines.

Fines shall be paid to the Treasurer within 14 days of receipt of notification. If the fine is unpaid it shall be doubled with a further 14 days to pay. If still unpaid the player, team or club shall be suspended.

N.B: Notification of fines shall be via e mail .

14. Discipline.

(a) The Exec. Committee is empowered to discipline clubs and teams within a club for infringement of the Competition Rules including fines, loss of points or disqualification and expulsion from the League. The Exec.Committee may set and request a good behaviour bond.

(b) Banned clubs wishing to re-affiliate must pay both the outstanding fee/fines and the forthcoming season's fee before being accepted.

(c) Players.

   (i) Playing Uniform will be worn in accordance with the EBBA adopted rule 3 article 12. Multicoloured, cycle or Bermuda shorts or tracksuit trousers will not be worn.
  (ii) Any player sent off for a disqualifying foul or any coach or player banished from the court must be reported in writing or via e mail to the Exec.Committee by the referee.

PENALTY: Any such player/coach so disqualified will serve an automatic suspension from the next two games that team shall play, plus a fine of £15.00p and any further penalty imposed by the discipline committee. That player of coach may neither play nor coach in any EKBA competition until the fine, and any additional fine, is paid.

15. Uniform.

Teams are required to wear matching uniforms and referees shall not permit players, whose attire does not meet the required standard, to participate in the game. Tee-shirts are not permitted to be worn under players’ vests. All players shall be required to wear their playing vest tucked in their shorts. Undershorts are permitted to be worn provided they are the same colour shade as the shorts.

Officials’ uniform is to consist of Black Shoes, Black Trousers and Grey Shirt

16. Trophies.

(a) All winners of trophies provided by the Association shall sign and abide by the following declaration.
"We ........................the Chairman and..............the Secretary of.................BBC., having been declared winners of the..............Trophy, and the same having been delivered to us by the said Association, does hereby, on behalf of the said Club, jointly and severally agree to return to the same to Association Secretary on or before the 1st March, in accordance with the Rules of the Association. Should said Trophy be lost or damaged whilst in our care we agree to refund the Association its replacement value together with the engraving or the costs of it's through repair". The trophy shall be engraved with the holder’s name and the date, the cost of which shall be borne by the holder.

PENALTY: Failure to engrave a trophy, the club shall be fined £10.00p plus the cost of the engraving.

(b) Any Club failing to return a Trophy on or before 1st May shall be fined £10.00p per Trophy. Should the said trophy not be returned within 14 days of this date, the fine will be £20.00p

Fines Summary 

Non affiliation to EBBA.                                                    £50.00

Playing an unregistered player                                          £10.00

Missing registration Numbers from scoresheet                    £1.00 per missing number

Failure to nominate first 5 in a two team club                     £5.00 per week

Postponement of fixture without consent                           £5.00 first offence.

Delay in sending in completed scoresheet                          £5.00

Home team fails to provide adequate scoring facilities        £5.00 (at the discretion of the committee)

Home team fails to arrive for fixture                                  £10.00

Home team fails to inform officials within time limit             £5.00

Away team fails to arrive for fixture                                   £10.00

Failure to provide a qualified official                                   £10.00 1st offence £15.00p 2nd and subsequent offences

Failure to pay 50% of officials expenses                            £5.00

Disqualification                                                               £15.00

Failure to return trophies by 1st May                                £10.00 or £20.00 should it take longer than May 14th


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