Coach Code of Conduct


Our mission is to have…

  • coaches play a positive role in the game of basketball.
  • coaches act as a role model for the players and spectators.
  • coaches represent their P/TSO and Canada Basketball in a professional manner.

Code of Conduct

During competition, we ask that coaches…

  • remember that players play for their own enjoyment, not for yours.
  • encourage the players to abide by the rules in letter and in spirit.
  • respect and be courteous to the organizers, volunteer and others assisting in the staging of the event.
  • set the standard for acceptable behavior for the players, support personnel and team supporters.
  • take responsibility for the parents/spectators supporting their team.
  • respect the officials decisions and encourage the players to do the same.
  • dress appropriately for the competition:

Coaches Attire

In order to have the 2014 National Championships run in a professional matter ALL Bench Staff (coaches/trainers/managers) will have to adhere to the following guidelines regarding attire…

Acceptable Minimum: Golf Shirt / Dress Shorts or Golf Shorts / Basketball Footwear or Dress Shoes

Unacceptable: T-Shirts / Tank Tops / Sport Shorts / Track Pants / Sport Sandals / Flip Flops / Jeans / Hats

Coaches should present a professional image while on the court at all events.

Bench staff that do not follow these rules will be removed from the bench.