Player Dress Code


In an effort to stage a first-class competitive event for participants and spectators, players are to represent their province/territory in a professional manner while at National Championships, teaching what proper attire should look like.


Players are required to wear their provincial/territorial issued clothing at all times whenever participating in events associated with the National Championships. Such events include, but are not limited to: competitions, opening (banquet) and closing ceremonies, meals, and travel.

Players are not permitted to remove their uniform (jersey or shorts) while within the gymnasium. Removal of uniform items within the gymnasium facility must be done so within the team change rooms.

Leisure Time

Players are expected to dress in a manner that positively represents their province/territory not only on-court but off-court at National Championships. For example, anytime a player is within the gym facility or outside their room at residence.

Acceptable Minimum

• Golf Shirt / T-Shirt / Sweatshirt 
• Jeans / Track Pants 
• Sport Shorts / Walking Shorts 
• Running Shoes / Sandals / Flip Flops


• Tank Tops 
• Sunglasses while indoors
• Chains, pendants or medallions worn over the player's clothes
• Headphones (other than on the team bus, plane, or in the team locker room) 
• Bare feet

Coaches are responsible to ensure their players are dressed respectfully and adhere to these guidelines regarding attire.