Refereeing is a great way to earn extra summer holiday spending money, get training in a transferrable and flexible job, and develop essential workforce skills.

BBA pays for our junior members to attend courses to obtain their qualifications and provides mentorship and ref coaching for ongoing development. Qualified refs are eligible to ref at Regionals and Country Champs, a fantastic opportunity for learning and earning.


Referee progression and rates

Shadowing experienced ref: unpaid

Reffing under mentorship: $5 per game

Reffing independently, no qualifications: $10 per game


Level 0 qualification: $15 per game

Level 1 qualification: $20 per game

Level 2/3 qualification: $25 per game


Referee coach: $25 per timeslot


Plus travel from outside Bridgetown area:
$10 per 25km for driver

Referee resources

Basketball Australia reffing resources


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