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Round 1 Winter 2021 commences Sunday May 2nd


There are several important changes players need to be aware of:



Commencing Round 1 Team Sheets will replace the individual door fee... cost is $70 per team per game.


This is payable at the Front Entry via Card or Cash and must be paid before your game commences.


There is also no longer a Spectator Entry Charge.



The allocation of Championship Points and also how ladder positions will be determined is also a major change.

Byes will be awarded 0 pts and ladder positions will be calculated as a points average of total ladder points against number of games played. To learn more go to Play HQ and see the following article:

"Understanding how ladders are calculated"

This is a fairer system and aligns us with other competitions.



Fixtures are now online for Rds 1-4...visit Play HQ and see when your team is playing Senior Domestic Winter 2021 Grades for CYMS Basketball Association.


Players must register with your team asap to ensure their names appear on the scoresheet each week. They must still register this season even if they did so last season and must register for every team they play for.

They must have your team link to register.


Players must be aware that they can only play one game per night with the same team all season.


Players must not wear shorts with pockets.


Forfeits must be advised as early as possible by text to 0409 634 278 and by email as well. Fines apply.

Early notice (by Friday before game) $60

Late/No notice (after Friday) $90


We are looking forward to a great new season with games played in the spirit of fair play and competition, showing respect and good conduct towards players and officials at all times.