Uniform Policy

All teams in the CYMS Basketball Association Sunday Night Competition must adhere to the Association team uniform by-laws, which reflect FIBA's rule 4.3:

  • The uniform of teach team member shall consist of
    • Shirts and shorts, each of the same basic colour front and back, (shorts and shirts do not necessarily need to be the same colour)
    • Shorts must not have pockets
    • Undergarments such as t-shirts should be the same basic colour as the uniform
  • Each team member shall wear a shirt numbered on the FRONT and BACK with plain numbers, of a solid colour contrasting with the colour of the shirt. The numbers shall be CLEARLY visible and:
    • Those on the back shall be at least twenty (20) cm high
    • Those on the front shall be at least ten (10) cm high
    • "00" (Double Zero) is NOT permitted as a regular number
    • Players on the same team shall not wear the same number

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