Winter 2020 Team Registration

As we commence our 2020 Winter season, there are two significant changes being introduced by Basketball Victoria (BV) to all associations and clubs.

          Firstly, all basketball players will be required to complete an individual player registration with BV – this is an annual fee, valid for 365 days – payable once regardless of how many times you play during a week.

           Secondly, BV are introducing a new system called PlayHQ – custom built for all Victorians – which will replace the Sports TG platform.

As a consequence, Spartans have significantly reduced TEAM Registration fees.  All teams must register to enter the new season (see link below).

All players will be required to register and pay their individual fee before they take the court, we encourage everyone to complete this asap, but as a minimum 5mins before tip off to avoid stressful situations.

Team Registration Link – click here 

Player Registration – link sent by team contact


If you wish to read more about the changes from BV please click here – Individual Registration Project – Basketball Victoria

If you need any assistance or have any questions please feel free to email



  • Early $45 by March 4
  • On Time $55 by March 16
  • Late(subject to availability) $75 from March 17


  • Junior(0-17yrs) Player Registration $25
  • Senior(18-99yrs) Player Registration $39
  • Fill in players up to 2 games are free


  • Player $11 each
  • Spectator $3 each
  • 5th Player Sticker $10(when a team plays with 4 players)


  • Rnd 1 – 31st March 
  • *21 Rnds
  • Finals Sept 1, 8 & 15th
  • No Games Tues April 14th
  • Men A-F alternating 6.00 6.50 7.40 8.30 9.20 10.10pm
  • Women A-D alternating 7.40 8.30 9.20 10.10pM
  • Women B Res 6.50pm only
  • Women E-F 6pm only



  • Player $5
  • Spectator $3
  • Score sheet $37.50


  • Rnd 1 – 1st April 
  • *22 Rnds
  • Finals Sept 2, 9 & 16th Sept
  • Men A-F alternating 6.00 6.50 7.40 8.30 9.20 10.10pm
  • Women A/B 6pm only


Notification before 12noon on game day – $70, after 12noon – $85

*Number of rounds and game times is subject to change during the season due to venue availability

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