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Akatokamanava will host 2014 Manea Games

Following a meeting between the heads of delegation and CISNOC it was agreed as Mauke (Akatokamanava) put their hands up to host the next Manea Games which is sc hedule for 2014. At the Closing ceremony of the 2011 Manea Games, the announcement was that we will all meet in Akatokamanava in 2014, the Minister of Sports mentioned that he had attended every Manea Games since it startedm however had missed 1999 when Akatokamanava hosted, but he did say he will definately attend in 2014 when Akatokamanava host.

The 2011 Games were closed by the Minister of Sports, Hon Mark Brown, speaking at the closing ceremony were Snr Vice President of CISNOC George Paniani and the Games Director of the 2011 Manea Games.

Closing ceremony was easy and straight forward, and everyone enjoyed it...

Congraulations to Mangaia for a successful hosting of the Manea Games, an outstanding job and a great achievement, meitaki maata, tangike, tangike, kua matou ua tatou.


Aitutaki clean up Mens Volleyball

Aitutaki men volleyballers followed in the footsteps of their women folk yesterday collecting the gold medals in both the open and under 18 divisions. Another blistering day on Mangaia made for an exciting mens volleyball tournament at the Manea Games hardcourts in Oneroa.

Both the Aitutaki men and under 18 teams looked sharp from the start of the day but they were given a run for the gold by host Mangaia.

But after disposing of the Mangaia men Aitutaki were a shoe in for the gold with the Mauke and Mitiaro team giving Aitutaki little trouble. Mangaia open men, who only lost one game to Aitutaki, picked up the silver medal while the men from Mauke with ring-in star Robert Graham picking up the bronze medal.

In the under 18 division, games were closely fought and in the match between Aitutaki and Mangaia the game went right down to the wire. In fact, it was the first game of the tournament to go to a tie breaker with Aitutaki winning the first set and Mangaia fighting back to take the second set and force the tie breaker set. But miscalculated spikes and serves were the undoing of Mangaia who were outclassed in the end by the fancy Aitutaki boys who after winning the game took out the gold medal.

Mangaia were still happy with their silver medal while the young boys from Mauke beat Mitiaro for the bronze medal.

  • Matariki Wilson
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2017 Manea Games, NUKUROA

Keep posted and watch this space for the updates of the 2017 Manea Games.

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