IBAF recognises the 8th Micronesian Games baseball event The Mircronesian Games Baseball has been officially recognised by the IBAF. This means that GAUM, CNMI AND PALAU will receive points towards their Oceania rankings.
International baseball official congratulates baseball crew The FSM NOC and all the volunteers from the Competition Manager through to the Umpires , the two scorers Leon Panuello and Riky Olter who tirelessly scored every gAame ...
Guam Baseball Manager Name: Mr. Shon Muna

From: Guam

Sport: Men Baseball (Manager)
Sean Cruz, of Guam, Shares Excitement After Winning Gold Sean Cruz, a pitcher for Guam's baseball team, excitedly spoke to us after their gold medal winning game against Team CNMI.

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Guam Takes The Gold In Men's Baseball

Guam started with a stable lead of 5-2 in the second inning. By the third innning Guam came in with another 3 scores, while CNMI remained with 2.

Guam Wins Gold!

CNMI held tough until late against Guam on Tuesday, but Guam scored five runs late for a 14-6 victory at Daini Field.

RICO CASTRO put himself in scoring position with two extra-base hits for Guam. He singled in the third and fifth innings and doubled in the first and ninth innings.

Undefeated CNMI

Still the sun glimmers with a smile of a good day on Daini baseball field and we have the mighty CNMI facing off against the unstoppable Guam team today on the 28th of July.

Palau vs. Kosrae

It is a beautiful, sunny day down here at Daini Field. The crowd has turned on both teams as their voices echoed down in the field with cheers. Team Palau going against Team Kosrae today, July 28th, 2014. Both teams are warming up, building up the energy to give out their best to win on moving to play for third place. On Visitors team, we have Palau team. On Home team, we have Kosrae team. Game of

Guam Advances to Championships

While the undefeated CNMI baseball team awaits to play for the gold tomorrow, Guam and Palau competed to indicate who will challenge for the final event.

"It Runs In The Family"

Following his parents' footsteps, Alexii Santos is a 17 year-old (one of the two youngest players on the team) playing for Team Pohnpei. The love of baseball is natural for him since both of his parents are pro baseball players. His late father and mother are Microgames veterans. "It runs in the family," he said.

Heated Game Ends In Favor Of Pohnpei

The extremely hot and sunny weather did not stop the vigor of Tuesday's second game. Both teams were on fire, igniting the energy of the crowd. The atmosphere was lively, fans went wild, and players were spectacular.
Team Pohnpei and Team Kosrae went up against each other in the second match. It was an intense, neck to neck game.

President of Palau Baseball Umpire Association Chats With UYM

As fascinating as it was, we got a chance to interview Johannes Tsuneo, President of the Palau's Baseball Umpire Association. He has been president for about three years now.

The CNMI Hero For Today!

For 21 year old Rocco Reyes, baseball is in his blood.

Growing up in CNMI, Reyes’s father was a baseball coach and even more – a baseball enthusiast.

Game Of The Day

It started off with a perfect weather at the Daini field today, July 23th 2014. The first baseball match is between Guam and Pohnpei. Before the Game, both teams are preparing for the games and each team had their owm technique or method of playing.

Bad Weather Delays The Game

In the afternoon of July 23, 2014 a Baseball competition between the CNMI and Kosrae took place at the Daini Field.

They only got to the second inning without any score made, and unfortunately the Baseball competition got suspended till tomorrow, despite the bad weather.

CNMI Scores At The Last Minute

As the new day started, Team CNMI (Common Wealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) and Team Palau made their way into the Daini Baseball Field to kickoff the first ball game.

A Dream Come True

There is only one thing that motivated him to get the chance to play in this years Micro games. At the age of 12, Mendiola played in a little league division. VCS, the name of the team he was in, won 2nd place. From that experience, Mendiola went on again the following year and won the Championship. He was supposed to be named MVP but was given to someone else

Kosrae's Pitcher Interviewed After Their Win

Kosrae's Men Baseball Team defeated Guam (7-4) on Monday. Kosrae's pitcher, R Jay Joe, was one of the key players in securing their victory.

First Baseball Game: Pohnpei vs Palau

It's a beautiful day to be on the bleachers of The Pohnpei Daini Field, Kaselehlie Stadium to witness Team Pohnpei and Team Palau go head to head. With the restlessness of all the cheering/excitement, and the sun shining bright, it was a game worth watching.

Kosrae Beats Guam: 7-4

After the first match between Palau and Pohnpei, Teams Kosrae and Guam stepped into the field to set the second event at the Daini Baseball Field into motion.
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